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Athrohills Contains Herbs Which are Processed in Medicated Cow Ghee, a Perfect Lubricant for Joints Care Almost there will be 60 million osteoarthritis cases by 2025, now at present 15% of people are affected in many parts of India. More than these cases, 100 rheumatic diseases and disorders are classified by WHO (World Health Organization), effectively these joint pains issues are taken care with Holistic approach, produced and manufactured by Herbal Hills. Why the Need for Strengthening of the Joints? Biologically there are over 200 joints in our body responsible for various movements like joining limbs, spine and other areas. Careless treatment or any superficial product may harm any of the connective tissues. Natural remedies for joints and arthritis pain are very important for the longevity of life. Natural Supplements for Joints, Giving A Healthy Joint!!! Arthrohills is completely natural supplement for joint care, famous for strengthening of connective joints in the body. Ayurvedic products from Herbal Hills are very effective which includes Arthrohills - soft capsules & joint care Oil, Shallaki capsules, Gout care tablets, Guggul tablets etc. Herbal Hills joint care capsule, Athrohills contains herbs which are processed in medicated cow ghee. It’s a powerful lubricant which lubricates the connective tissues and makes the body more flexible. Primary joint health issues such as bursitis, sprains/ strains, the stiffness of joints, weak bones, and chondromalacia patella, can be cured and controlled with the help of natural Ayurvedic treatments. We Are Clinically Approved!!! Best Natural Medicines for Joint Care! Athrohills Ayurvedic Medicines for Joints is now clinically approved by SGC with given results for Osteoporosis. Such as reducing joint pain, stiffness and improving joint movement in patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee(s) joint, reduction of pain, inflammation and stiffness helped in improving the mobility of the joints and thus the speed to walk also improved. Joint Care Products: 1. Arthrohills 30 Capsule - Rs. 285/- Buy Link: 2. Arthrohills 60 Capsule - Rs. 494/- Buy Link: 3. Arthrohills – Value Pack 900 Capsule - Rs. 4565/- Buy Link: 4. Arthrohills Kit (Arthrohills, Shallakihills, Guggulhills) - Rs. 712/- Buy Link: 5. Arthrohills Ultra Oil - Rs. 295/- Buy Link: 6. Asthishrunkala Powder – 100 Gms – Pack Of 2 - Rs. 140/- Buy Link: Asthishrunkala Powder – 100 Gms – Pack Of 2 7. Asthishrunkala – 1 Kg Powder - Rs. 585/- Buy Link: 8. Dashamool Powder – 100 Gms – Pack Of 2 - Rs. 210/- Buy Link: 9. Dashamool Powder – 1 Kg Powder - Rs. 549/- Buy Link: 10. Erandmool Powder – 100 Gms – Pack Of 3 - Rs. 210/- Buy Link: 11. Erandmool Powder – 1 Kg Powder - Rs. 275/- Buy Link: 12. Guggul Tablets – Guggulhills 60 Tablets – Weight Management - Rs. 195/- Buy Link: 13. Guggul Tablets Value Pack – Guggulhills 700 Tablets – Weight Management - Rs. 1115/- Buy Link: 14. Maharasnadi Powder – 100 Gms – Pack Of 2 - Rs. 196/- Buy Link: 15. Maharasnadi Powder – 1 Kg Powder - Rs. 765/- Buy Link: 16. Methi Capsules – Methihills 60 Capsules – Joint Health Support - Rs. 247/- Buy Link: 17. Methi Capsules Value Pack – Methihills 700 Capsules – Joint Health Support - Rs. 1640/- Buy Link: 18. Shallaki Powder – 100 Gms – Pack Of 2 - Rs. 390/- Buy Link: 19. Shallaki Powder – 1 Kg Powder - Rs. 1197/- Buy Link: 20. Shallaki Capsules – Boswahills 60 Capsules – Joint Care - Rs. 247/- Buy Link: 21. Shallaki Capsules Value Pack – Boswahills 700 Capsules – Joint Care - Rs. 1830/- Buy Link: 22. Yashtimadhu Powder – 100 Gms – Pack Of 2 - Rs. 200/- Buy Link: 23. Yashtimadhu Powder – 1 Kg Powder - Rs. 837/- Buy Link: Buy All Herbal & Ayurvedic Products online from the official E-store of Herbal Hills along with free shipping, visit

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